4 Ways to Boost Productivity in your Practice

4 Ways to Boost Productivity in your Practice
March 25, 2020 Dentifit

At Dentifit, we have completed countless fit outs for different medical practices over the last 15 years. We have identified various factors that are guaranteed to boost productivity levels in your practice and help your team to function more efficiently. Below are our 4 top tips if your goal is boosting productivity in your dental practice or medical clinic:

Kids Area

Kids often have a very short attention span (understandably) and get bored or frustrated with having to wait around for their appointment or their parent’s appointment with the dentist or doctor. Having an area dedicated to kids in your practice, where they can play with toys and do puzzles or watch a kids show will help to keep toddlers and children entertained. A major benefit here is that staff and parents aren’t getting distracted or interrupted, making it a lot easier for everyone to do their job in a more efficient manner. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Check-in Systems

Digital check-in systems are now available for every kind of medical facility. They are a simple touch screen which allows your patients to check-in and alert you of their arrival at your practice by hitting a few quick buttons and giving some basic information. These are excellent for boosting productivity as it’s an entirely automated and digital system which will organise your patients for you leading to fewer distractions for your staff.

Consult Room

A consult room can be very effective in improving productivity in your practice as it frees up your treatment rooms and equipment. A consult room can be used to discuss treatment plans, health issues, prescribe medications or to educate patients on any devices that may be necessary for their treatment. This way, you can either split appointments between the consulting room and treatment room as needed or, if a patient doesn’t need any treatment or use of equipment during a certain appointment you can simply use the consult room.

A Break Space for Staff

Investing in a good break room or space can make a huge difference for your staff. A light and spacious room with comfortable seating and modern amenities will be ideal for helping your staff to feel rejuvenated throughout the day. When both your medical and administrative staff feel refreshed they will be more motivated and work efficiently with one another, which is guaranteed to help your entire practice run more smoothly on a day to day basis.

At Dentifit, we offer highly specialised and tailored services to our clients by adapting your clinic to suit your needs, treatments and ensuring that your space is fulfilling its full potential. We are a leading provider of medical fit outs and the number one choice for many healthcare professionals across Queensland. To learn more, get in touch with us today!