5 Tricks To Make Your Clinic Seem Larger

5 Tricks To Make Your Clinic Seem Larger
November 8, 2020 Dentifit

How you use the space in your dental clinic is often instrumental to if your patients come back after they leave your chair. Cooped up conditions and clustered furnishings are detrimental to retaining customers. Making the most of your space is a surefire way of bringing them back. Follow these tips on how to make your clinic seem larger to keep your patients coming back time and time again: 


First Impressions Count

Patients will form an opinion on your practice before they even sit in your chair, so the reception area is the perfect way to put your best foot forward. Going to the dentist is an anxiety-provoking experience for many people, and it is essential that they feel comfortable from the time they first step through the door until the time they leave. 

The best way to avoid scaring off a patient? Keep your reception area open! Bulky furniture, overwhelming art pieces, multiple pot plants and clutter are an easy way to make a client feel swallowed by their surroundings. The area needs to be inviting like somewhere you’d want to sit to relax and take a moment. 

Keep It Minimalistic

Minimalism is a massively popular trend in interior design. It cuts down on clutter and makes the most of the bare essentials. It’s often combined with light, natural colours, traditional shapes and small but practical furnishings. 

For your dental practice, less is more. Ensure you have the essentials, but if you feel you don’t need something, get rid of it; the treatment room should be spacious enough for the dentist and staff to move freely. Wall-mounted options for computer, gloves/masks, soap dispensers are space-saving alternatives and reduce the benchtop clutter. 

Weigh Up Your Options

Conversation pieces are fine, given you have adequate room to facilitate them. The aquarium in the corner of the room could be the highlight for hundreds of kids who come for their checkups. But if some customers have to squeeze past that item to get into the corridor, then it may be time to consider relocating the aquarium or removing it. Think about who may be visiting your practice and how these features could benefit or detract from their experience. 

Colours and Lighting

People react differently to different colours and it’s an ancient instinct that still influences us in design today. Vibrant colours can trigger strong psychological reactions, while muted, natural colours help create a tranquil sensation. Lighter colours make a space seem bigger while darker shades make it seem constricted. Similarly, loud colours and patterns can make your workspace too stimulating and seem like it’s taking up space when, in reality, it’s just the paint on a wall. 

The right colour scheme can help calm patients and make your workspace seem more open. A soft palette of natural colours is much less confronting than striking tones. The addition of the right lighting in your clinic marries your colour choices and something like an open window will make your operating room seem much larger than it is. Increased natural light is an important way to help clients feel more comfortable when inside your walls meaning more glass windows and doors, and glazed partition panels create a much more open and inviting space. 

The Right Technology 

If dated dental and reception equipment is clogging up space, it’s time for an upgrade. Dental technology continues to streamline each year so it could be time to look at the best options for a slim, clean tech option rather than the bulky printers and desktops that take up too much space. 

Talk to Dentifit, if you’re looking for an upgrade, we have the experts and the know-how to make it happen! Contact us today to find out how to make your practice comfortable and contemporary.