9 Creative Ways to Include Lighting In Your Clinic

9 Creative Ways to Include Lighting In Your Clinic
August 23, 2021 Dentifit

Are you searching for proven and effective lighting solutions to implement in your clinic? You probably understand why lighting is important, so if you want to dive right into what systems are proven to work – look no further.

As humans, we have an instinctual reaction to light – it’s hardwired into our brains. That’s why we start to relax at sundown and feel most alert when the sun is at its peak. After all, catching reflected light is how we see, so it makes sense that different light exposures send various signals to our brains.

At Dentifit, we play with light in creative and clever ways to make your clinic fit out stand out. With this in mind, we still follow tried and true methods to make your patients comfortable in the waiting room and your staff alert in their workspace.

1. Soft lighting for waiting/non-clinical areas creates a welcoming warmth.

There’s a time and a place for bright clinical lighting – the waiting room doesn’t have to be it. Invite your patients in with relaxing warm lights. We find that a consistent but not overwhelming white light creates a crisp and clean look, while dim yellow lights feel more relaxing. Both do great jobs at calming a patient while they wait for an appointment. 

2. Recessed LED strip lighting with a bulkhead is an excellent medium to wash a wall with soft light.

Led lighting is simple and easy to set up – what’s more, a lot of products can just be placed instead of integrated into the building like other lighting sources. Placing LED strips inside a recessed area of your clinic creates an interesting and modern lighting source. Patients will enjoy the soft wash of light that they spread across the walls.

It looks great running along with cabinetry or any solid furnishing you have. Plus, many LEDs give you colour control so that you can play with different light hues.

3. Recessed LED lighting can also highlight joinery detail in reception counters.

Admire Dentistry Fitout done by Dentifit Check out this example that we did for Admire Dentistry. The square of light above the reception desk is easy to achieve and looks great.

It automatically draws attention to where patients need to go first, without using signage or other more direct attention grabbers. This kind of slim LED can also be fitted under the joinery of the reception desk, bringing a bit of a futuristic touch to your design.

Experiment with colour at your will! LED strip lighting lets you add pizzazz to your clinic like no other light source can allow.

4. Backlit signage lighting gives your focal point the ‘wow’ factor.

Give your focal point a radiant glow with some brilliant backlighting. This mirror we installed really pops out, don’t you think? It’s a really effective method to create a focal point. This strategy can be used on your logo, a wall hanging and much more!

5. Pendant lighting adds a deluxe splash to your ceilings.

glow health fit out
Pendant lighting is a popular way to mix lighting and decoration aesthetics together. These fixtures dangle from the roof and illuminate the area to the intensity you want. They can be your primary lighting source or a complimentary feature.
There are plenty of styles available, so you get to choose the pendant lighting that suits your clinic the best. Pendant lights almost act in the same way pendant jewellery does. Use it to adorn an indoor space and add elegance and sophistication to your medical practice. Is it essential? Probably not. Does it give your clinic a designer look? Absolutely.

6. Wall lighting fills up wall space and can make some bold highlights.

Hanging a light source on the wall is nothing new – in fact, it’s where people would attach lanterns and torches before ceiling lighting became the mainstream. Even when the electric bulb was first invented, it was homed in streetlamps and on walls before architecture included ceiling-mounted sockets.
For years it seemed like a dated spot to place a light source, but now modern designs are more frequently using walls to home some pretty nifty light designs.

7. Flush lighting does the job & lets you play more with other decorations.

Melbourne Interior Design Trends For 2019
Flush lighting systems are secured directly against the ceiling and shine downward. With several options on the market, they can make a statement or blend into your existing design to let the other features do the talking.
Because of their minimalism, you can use several of them to light an area without overdoing it. These are a great option if you have a shorter ceiling because they cling closely to the surface.

8. Gimbal downlights let you frame your space with shadows and spotlights.

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Get full directional control of your lighting with gimbal lights. This lighting style lets you rotate the bulb back and forth. They are frequently used on slanted ceilings to counter the angle and shed light straight down. They often work like small spotlights and allow you to frame your space how you want.

9. Coloured LED strip lighting delineates clean and dirty areas in sterilisation rooms effectively.

Not only do LED lights look great in reception areas, but they’re super practical to delineate areas. The use of different coloured LED strip lighting to the underside of overhead cabinets is effective to distinguish between clean and dirty areas.

Breaking the status quo can make your clinic stand out from the competition. Lighting is a unique and bold way to shake things up. Dentifit’s expert design team is well-versed in the requirements for dental, medical, and veterinary practices. We create dynamic spaces that are both inviting and highly functional. If you would like to get started on your clinic fit out, contact us today.