Admire Dentistry-Setting up the practice

Admire Dentistry-Setting up the practice
March 15, 2021 Dentifit

I recently opened my first dental practice in Arana Hills. Brett and the team at Dentifit were recommended to me by a fellow dentist. They were incredibly helpful throughout the entire fitout.  They and their contractors delivered their work on time, with the highest quality and had great attention to detail.  I couldn’t be happier with Dentifit and their exceptional service.  They were easy to deal with, took the time to explain things and did everything in a professional manner. Dentifit understood my vision and made my dream practice a reality. I can’t thank them enough.

-Dr Alex Davies, Admire Dentistry

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There are many questions to ask yourself when contemplating a new business venture… Where should I set up my practice? What is my budget? What are my requirements? What equipment do I need? What kind of fit out do I want? What’s my timeframe?

When our client, Admire Dentistry approached us they had many of these exact questions. We were able to assist Admire Dentistry with all of these aspects of their fit out and more.

At Dentifit, we offer a completely comprehensive service to all of our clients and ensure that you benefit from our years of experience and knowledge. Our team of experts are here to guide you through the following areas

– Finance
– Purchase/Lease Negotiations
– Equipment Suppliers
– Design & Construction
– Setting up Practice
– Plans for the future


Sorting out your financial budget and having a business plan is always your first priority. This will form the criteria for the selection process of the new premises and decide whether you opt to refurbish an existing premises, how big the premises needs to be and of course, your location. After we had established a budget with our clients at Admire Dentistry, the entire planning process fell easily into place.

The finance market provides many options when it comes to lending, however, medical/dental/veterinary finance specialists have the specific insight and expertise required for your needs and your business.

Both Medfin Finance & Bank of Queensland Specialist have long-standing reputations when it comes to supporting these speciality fields.

Alex used the services of Enrich Finance – a boutique mortgage brokering business, who utilised Bank of Queensland Specialist for the financing of the project.

Enrich Finance has over 20 years experience delivering holistic financial service solutions, and are committed to working with their clients to achieve deliverable outcomes to support both personal and business objectives

Amica Are Director, brokered all of Alex’s finance, taking the stress out of the process. She was always only a phone call away, and worked closely with both A1 Group and Dental Management Expertise, a cohesive team  providing Alex with holistic business solutions. 

Enrich Finance
Amica Are – Director
0402 182 855 | 03 8375 9627

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We often collaborate with Julian Muldoon at 1Group Property Advisory, an advisory service who are leaders in property research, advice and negotiations. Julian helped Admire Dentistry to find the perfect space for their new practice. 1Group offers a range of services including securing commercial property for your business through lease or purchase, as well as crucial market knowledge and insights to give you the edge.

They assist with:

– Due diligence
– Your budget requirements
– Size and location of premises
– Collaborate with Dentifit for inspection of sites: Plumbing & electrical services/Building Certification/building queries regarding renovation/expansion of an existing space or practice
– Negotiating leases/purchases


When it comes to purchasing medical or dental equipment, knowing who to speak to and what to ask for makes the process so much easier.

Dentifit can put you in contact with knowledgeable providers who are the best fit to advise you on the equipment that’s best suited for your requirements, services and budget.

These industry leaders can keep you informed with the up to date technology and techniques which help you to remain at the forefront of your industry.


Now that you have your site and finance in place, it’s time to design your practice! Our design team will bring your vision to life using industry-specific knowledge and experience for a tailored design. 

Items to Consider:

– Number of treatment/consult rooms
– Equipment to be installed
– Style of fit-out
– Timeline; when do you need to be operational by?
– IT requirements
– Signage/marketing
– Radiation shielding design
– Plans for the future

Dentifit collaborated and engaged McKibbin Design for the plan layout, design and finishes for Admire Dentistry.  A 4 chair and OPG room practice including consult and office space was achieved, maintaining an open-plan spacious feel throughout, beautifully achieved given the unusual building footprint. Contemporary finishes provide warmth, and the decor will be timeless for years to come.

The Dentifit Team always sticks to our scheduled time frames which are laid out in the contract, allowing you to move into your premises and get up and running without any delay.

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Streamlining the set up of practice functionality can open up many areas of opportunity. Our clients, Admire Dentistry, opted to use the services of  Dental Management Expertise, founded by Ameena Basile, and they were extremely satisfied with the outcome.  

Dental Management Expertise provides the following solutions for your practice:

– Online & virtual business coaching
– Construction and/or review of business plan
– Human resource matters
– Practice development

If you would like to partner with a team of fit out experts who can provide you with support, assistance and connections in all aspects of your new business venture, get in touch with us at Dentifit today!