Bringing Greenery to your fitout

Bringing Greenery to your fitout
December 16, 2019 Dentifit

You may have already added greenery to your space at home, but have you ever thought about bringing it to your dental practice? The addition of plants to your workspace may include benefits beyond visual pleasure for clients, employees and yourself. This sustainable, leafy trend is here to stay, as long as you can keep on top of your watering schedule.

At Dentifit, we believe adding plants to your fitout is a simple step to creating a welcoming, calming atmosphere to your clinic. From the moment clients walk into the waiting room to sitting down in the chair for cleaning, the addition of plants can help put your nervous clients at ease. This stress-relieving quality will also improve the wellbeing of those working in the space as well.

Greenery doesn’t only create a better vibe; it has physical health benefits too. Plants are natural air purifiers. This means that introducing plants to your space will reduce the presence of toxins and improve the air quality in the clinic after your fitout has been completed. This seemingly minor benefit can help everyone to stay healthier, keeping employees at the top of their game and protecting those who are coming into the clinic who may be more vulnerable to these toxins.

Before you grab your gloves and trowel, here are a few tips to how we at Dentifit would best introduce greenery into your fitout.

Natural lighting

When selecting your plants, it is essential to consider what sort of environment they will be living in. Does your clinic have a large amount of natural lighting, or is it limited? Plants like the Chinese money plant, Devil’s Ivy and Rattlesnake plant are all great options for low lit spaces. If you have a little more available sunlight, your selection range is much more extensive with more floral, cacti and other leafy options!

Allergy inducing plants

Your clients come to your clinic and expect a comfortable experience. For those with heightened allergic reactions to pollens, grasses and some trees, the introduction of certain plants can make their experience quite adverse. Plants that tend to create a lot of pollen like male palms and some flowering plants should most likely be avoided. In some cases, orchids have been known to cause skin flaring reactions when touched, so ensure to place them out of reach if you are to add them to space.


Once you have welcomed your plants into your space, it is time to take care of them! You don’t need a green thumb to take care of every plant, but a little extra knowledge doesn’t hurt! It is essential to research the requirements of each plant species as each of their needs will differ. Key things to look out for are the plants’ recommended watering schedule, soil rotation and fertiliser requirements. Putting in this additional time will ensure your plants’ long life and growth.

If you need some guidance on interior design to transform your practice and incorporate greenery into your space, Dentifit is ready to help! We are industry experts who are prepared to take all the hard work off of your hands so that you can do what you do best! We’re the clinic refurbishment and fitout expertscontact us today for a quote!