Clinic Fitout Add Ons That Could Make You Money

Clinic Fitout Add Ons That Could Make You Money
March 19, 2021 Dentifit

Incorporating retail into your clinic design can be a gamechanger for your practice. Marketing home-care products to your customers before, during or after their appointment can be incredibly effective. During this stage, your customers are highly invested in your services and your expertise, and therefore hold a much greater interest in related home-care products. Capitalising on this highly-invested market can be achieved through your clinic design. 

Read on to discover the best clinic fitout add-ons that you can include to make extra money for your business.

Multi-level shelves

Including stylish multi level shelves in your clinic is an effective way to display a broad range of your related home-care products. Include lights within the shelves to showcase your products and help draw attention to them. 

Include these shelves both in the waiting room and in the patient room. Including these shelves in patients rooms of dental clinics is particularly beneficial. Bored patients having dental work completed can view these products in their peripheral vision, which works as an effective subliminal marketing tool. 

Teeth Whitening Products in Dental Clinics

The rise in popularity of white, bright looking teeth has been astronomical. With many patients unable to afford teeth whitening services from professional dentists, more and more consumers have hopped on board the home-care teeth whitening trend.  

With the endless range of home-care teeth whitening products on the market, it can be confusing and intimidating for customers seeking a safe and reliable product. Including at-home teeth whitening products in your clinic communicates to patients that dentists trust this product, so customers should too, encouraging purchase.  

dental home care products clinic fit outs for retail

Oral Health Products in Dental Clinics

Again, your patients trust your authority as a dentist. When they see oral health care products, like toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste and mouthwash, they trust that these home-care products are reliable and effective. Displaying these at the counter where patients pay for their dental service and on product shelves will encourage the purchase of these products; especially when they are verbally recommended by dentists, dental assistants and receptionists.  

Complimenting product displays for both oral health care and teeth whitening products with photographs of people sporting healthy smiles will serve as effective secondary advertising for these products. 

Health Products in Veterinary Clinics

Your veterinary clinic fitout can also be optimised for retail to earn your business an extra income. Include product shelves that are dedicated to animal health. These retail products may include calming sprays or anxiety-relieving vests for dogs, animal toothbrushes and toothpaste products and pet-friendly sunscreens.  These products should ideally be situated in the waiting room, where patients are waiting with their pet for their appointment. 

Enrichment Toys & Treats in Veterinary Clinics

Enrichment toys, like KONGs, are incredibly popular methods to keep dogs entertained. Ideally, position these toys next to dog treats, which your customers will need to pair with their enrichment toys. 

Stocking premium treats is another excellent retail opportunity for veterinary clinics. Including refrigerator/s that stock premium treats will give customers the perfect excuse to spoil their pet after a vet visit. 

dog playing with kong enrichment toy vet clinic retail

Pet Bedding & Other Essentials

All pet owners want the best for their furry friends. Including product shelves that stock high-quality pet beds is a highly effective veterinary fitout add on. Train your staff to understand the benefits of high-quality pet beds (such as improved support or superior comfort) over more conventional/cheaper options. Stock other pet essentials alongside these products, such as collars, leads or harnesses. 

These easy clinic fitout add ons serve as effective tools to help your clinic earn an extra income. Plus, including these home-care products significantly helps your customers manage their health or the health of their loved ones. If you’d love to hear more tips and tricks to optimise your clinic fitout, head to our blog! If you have any questions regarding your clinic design, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team. Dentifit’s team of experts offer a wealth of experience, specialising in Interior Design and Construction. Our design and construction process is aimed at providing a seamless development from your initial client consultation to the opening day of your practice. Learn more about our services here