Clinic Tricks We’ve All Fallen For

Clinic Tricks We’ve All Fallen For
September 21, 2021 Dentifit

A clinic experience isn’t something many people give much thought to. Plenty of research has gone into the ‘shoppers experience’ at stores, but the clinical equivalent is often seen as another essential responsibility. However, solid design tricks can help entice patients to become regular customers and encourage them to come back soon instead of pushing back their next appointment.

After an appointment, the clinic ideally wants the patient to leave with a smile and already have the subsequent few appointments booked. It’s a plus if they leave with a grab-bag of handouts or small purchases. All of the above boils down to good design and staff behaviour.

Here is a list of clinic tricks we’ve all fallen for at some point!

Placing you purchasable goods in clear eye-line

Utilising retail in your clinic designs is a great way to earn some extra change on the side. But, when it’s not done well, all the stock you bought in advance may just be taking up space. There are several ways for clinics to incorporate retail. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s in clear view and in a spot that customers are likely to interact with. Two good examples are at the reception desk or even in the Consult rooms, where the doctor can recommend an item personally that may be beneficial to the client or part of their treatment plan.

Put your reception desk front and centre!

When people enter your clinic, they likely want direction straight away. Greeting them with a reception desk is a great way to organise traffic and ensure there is no confusion. There should be a clear line from the entrance to reception, with few distractions or seating options in between. This way, you’ve established the path and removed barriers that may make people stray from it.

A design that controls traffic flow

Your medical clinic is a high traffic zone, so it’s important that people can move freely, yet in an organised manner through it. People often feel vulnerable while visiting a medical facility. If you want to ensure your patients have a good experience, make sure they don’t feel overwhelmed by those around them.

To achieve this, create sectioned off areas that don’t require much back-and-forth. Be sure to include wheelchair-friendly entry points that flow naturally to the reception area then to the required medical room. Ideally, your patients shouldn’t need to pass through waiting areas to reach reception or their appointment area.

Comfortable But Practical Waiting Rooms

As we discussed earlier, the waiting room needs to be serene. People want to unwind and stick to their own devices while they wait for their appointment. Too much foot traffic can increase a person’s anxiety, and so can other distractions.

The perfect waiting room is something comfortable that lets a person create their own space in the room. The secret to success: less is more. People have everything they need to be entertained in the palm of their hand now. A waiting room doesn’t have to have a TV or big game area because the patient already has access to that. In fact, many people consider televisions a distraction that takes away from an enjoyable environment.

Make the most of your clinic’s space and fill it up with flexible seating arrangements and a scattering of reading materials and tasteful artworks or feature pieces.

Don’t shy away from a good retail window display

If your clinic is in a place that gets lots of foot traffic (e.g. in the city or a shopping centre), don’t be too eager to use up all your room. A window display is essentially a free billboard for your business.

Few medical clinics utilise this marketing feature, and it could be just what gets more eyes on your practice. Play around with lighting features or signage. Consider what your interior looks like from the main window and rearrange things to look better to those outside.

Get Into QR Codes

QR codes have become synonymous with COVID safe design. Many businesses have used them to enhance their service. For example, restaurants used them so customers could access the menus without leaving the tables. QR codes could help you streamline your check-in process and data forms if you want to minimise face-to-face interactions. It’s also an excellent way to collect email information for newsletter marketing campaigns.

Great light and colour

Medical and healthcare buildings tend to be associated with dull, monochromatic, white or baby blue colour hues. When people think of these spaces, it’s often met with dread. Adding a splash of colour and inviting lighting can make your clinic seem, well, less clinical. When your waiting room feels more inviting, your patients are more likely to leave feeling relaxed and happy.

Ask Them To Book Their Next Appointment (Physically and Digitally)

If people leave without booking their next appointment, they may not do it when left to their own devices. If your staff aren’t doing so already, encourage them to ask about future bookings when the patient returns to reception. An automated reminder system is a great complimenting program that encourages patients to come back to you instead of another practice when their check-up comes around again.

At Dentifit, our interior designers are well-versed in both current and emerging design trends. We also are equipped with the specific knowledge required to create clinic spaces that are incredibly stylish but also functional. If you want to refresh your dental clinic, veterinary clinic, medical clinic or office space, you can trust Dentifit will complete the job beautifully while limiting the impact on your clinic operations as much as possible during the renovation. Be sure to get in touch with our friendly team of experts for more information on our clinic fit out solutions.