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Design Phase

1. Your Requirements / Client Brief

 While discussing your options on site we will develop your individual requirements with your input.  Alternatively you can make a list of any inclusions you'd like or special considerations to be accounted for.

2. Initial Sketch Design

Sketch Design Options will be provided for your consideration.  The design options will show the floor layout possibilities of your selected site.

3. Client Consultation Meeting

We will invite you to meet with us at the Dentifit Showroom to discuss your design options and provide guidance for finalising any remaining decisions you may have.  Colour and finishes consultation can also be provided during this meeting.

4. Cost Estimate & Project Milestones

If requested we can provide a cost estimate and outline possible construction start and completion dates.

5. Preliminary Design

Once you have formally agreed to continue with your project, Preliminary Design documentation and required building approvals can be commenced. 

6. Client Consultation Meeting - Optional

If needed an additional Client Consultation Meeting can be arranged.  This could be to discuss any final details prior to construction.  Usually most items are agreed to and finalised as early as possible to avoid delays, but we understand changes can happen.  The Dentifit team will be available throughout the process to discuss any items with you.