How Can A Doctor's Practice Be More Present Online?

How Can A Doctor’s Practice Be More Present Online?
September 12, 2018 Dentifit

In this day-and-age, with the internet being a constant presence in almost everyone’s lives, you and your practice cannot afford to not be present online. New patients are now nearly exclusively finding their doctors through online search engines like Google. Many recurring patients want to see that their doctor cares about their patients beyond just the office.

But maybe you aren’t sure where to start with your online presence? Sure, you can diagnose all kinds of complex illnesses but what does ‘mobile responsive design’ mean?

We understand that it’s tough. You care about treating and helping your patients, and all this online stuff has come around really quickly. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide on how you and your clinic can be more present online.

Make sure your doctors practice is registered for Google My Business

Claim Your Doctor or Medical Practice Google My Business Listing

Across the world, over 3.5 billion people use Google every day. They may be searching for funny videos or cupcake recipes, but according to Google one in 20 searches are health related. A lot of those searches are people looking for doctors and professionals who can help them with their troubles. They are looking for clinics in their local areas, or trying to find the phone number of their specialist, or even just trying to find your address before they drive to their appointment.

If your practice is not on Google, then you are missing out on potentially hundreds of new patients. You are also making it harder for your current patients to find your address or phone, causing them to miss their appointment or even look for a more convenient practice.

The best way to ensure that your doctors’ practice is on Google is to sign up to Google My Business, Google’s online business directory. Doing so not only allows you to stand out in an eye-catching blue box when people are searching for you or similar practices, but you can instantly let people know what time you are open, how to get in contact with your practice, and your practice’s address.

Customers can also leave reviews, meaning you can thank patients for trusting you with their health and potentially attract new patients with your good reviews.

Make sure your medical website is mobile friendly

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

More and more people are using their phones to access the internet, rather than a desktop computer. They start feeling a bit iffy while sitting on the train, so they pull out their phone to book an appointment with a GP. It’s easy, convenient, and it’s how most people are booking appointments these days.

However, do you know if your website is mobile-friendly? Does it work well when someone uses their phone to go on your website?

If not, then patients may turn away immediately when they land on your website.

You can also try to add other features to your website to make it more convenient for people who are using their phone. If you add a link with your phone number on your site, patients can call you straight away from their phones. You can even put an online booking form on your website, allowing patients to book appointments without having to call your reception.

Making your website mobile-friendly is all about making the engagement that patients have with your practice easy and convenient, meaning they are more likely to become return patients.

Medical social media – how can doctors use social media

Be active on social media

Most people in Australia have a social media account, but there are still many doctor practices that haven’t set up their own business social media account yet. With over 15 million active Facebook users in Australia alone, if your practice is not on social media then you are missing out on critical customer engagement with your patients.

Being active on social media. allows you to engage with your patients by posting updates or your business information. Importantly, it also allows you to build trust with patients and show potential new patients that you are a reputable doctor.

If you want to try to build trust with your patients through social media, try

  • Post information about special opening hours around the holidays, or post in real-time that you are available for walk-in appointments.
  • Share smart and useful content that your patients will find helpful and shows that you care about their health.
  • Respond to any questions, comments, or reviews.
  • Share information about any promotions you are having, such as flu shots during flu season or when you have a new treatment available.

Just remember to stay professional and courteous online, and don’t post anything that people might find offensive. If you wouldn’t do it in your office, then don’t do it online.

And if you are looking for some social media inspiration, check out Dr Mike and his 3 million fans!
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