How colour can affect your client's mood

How colour can affect your client’s mood
January 10, 2020 Dentifit

Colour plays an important role in interior design. When it comes to fitting out your clinic, you should carefully consider your colour choices as they have a large impact on your clients’ moods.

At Dentifit , we study each aspect of your business and then create a design which best suits your clients, staff and you. We have put together a list of how each colour can affect your client’s mood so that your next design isn’t just beautiful, but functional and effective.


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The colour red has a balance of positive and negative connotations. Red has been studied to evoke feelings of energy, power, strength and determination- all feelings that would motivate people, useful in gyms and places of activity! However, the colour can also give off feelings of aggression and danger, so, if your practice tends to have anxious clients, we would advise avoiding this colour. A space with red is never boring, as it is the most intense colour. For most clinical spaces we would recommend pops or accents of red so as to not overwhelm clients.


Orange is a colour that is associated with healing, meaning it is great in many different types of clinics! In ancient cultures, the colour orange was thought to increase energy levels and heal the lungs. Although this may not be the modern perception, this brightening, warm colour will evoke joy, encouragement and happiness. We recommend using lighter tones of orange as darker variations may lead to feelings of deceit or distrust, the opposite of how you want your clients to feel in your practice!


The right shade is everything when it comes to using yellow. Of the wide spectrum of yellow tones, only a few should be used in interior design- especially in a clinic. Bright, light yellows are associated with joy, freshness and intellect making them great to use as an accent in your practice. Dull, darker shades of yellow can represent decay, sickness and caution which you will want to stay well away from in your clinic.


Dentifit | Clinic Fitout | Clinic Design | Interior Design | Colour Theory | Dental Practice Design | colour can affect your clients mood

Green, the colour of nature, is seen as the most restful colour for the eye. Green is a colour you can easily incorporate into your clinic by adding plants to the space . Feelings of growth, harmony, calmness and security are most commonly associated with the colour green making it a great colour for clinical offices!


Dentifit | Clinic Fitout | Clinic Design | Interior Design | Colour Theory | Dental Practice Design | colour can affect your clients mood

The most common colour to find in a clinic, blue evokes feelings of trust, loyalty and wisdom. The feelings represented by the colour blue are ideal for a clinic design which is why it is used so frequently. The only negative of using too much blue is that it may leave a room feeling cold. We recommend adding a pop of orange, which is a complimentary colour to blue, to warm up the room.


A polarising colour choice, people either love or hate the colour purple. The colour of royalty, purple is likely to give your space a feeling of luxury and prestige. Purple pairs well with jewel tones and will give your space a unique look. Studies have shown that purple is the most popular colour amongst pre-teens, meaning it is a great colour to use if many of your clients are this age, like in the orthodontic industry.


Associations with the colour pink are usually feminine in nature. The caring, nurturing and compassionate connotations to the colour make it a soothing colour in clinical spaces. An overwhelming amount of pink can leave a room feeling too romantic, not fitting with the goals of most clinics. Subtle pops of pink can create a sense of comfort and can easily be incorporated with floral touches.

Using these colour theories as a guide will help you to design the clinic that you dream of and help to reinforce your brand in your physical office. At Dentifit , we are the experts at making these ideas come to life. If your space is in need of a revival, a fit-out or if you are starting fresh, our team will help to build your best clinic. Contact us today!