How can I Make Sure my Fit Out Stays Within my Budget?

How can I Make Sure my Fit Out Stays Within my Budget?
August 20, 2020 Dentifit

When it comes to completing a fit out for your dental, medical, or veterinary practice, costs can quickly spiral out of control if you make the wrong decisions. Below we’ve listed the various steps you can take to make sure that you make the right decisions, partner with the right fit out team and stay well within your budget:

Set A Realistic Budget

Your team of fit out professionals should have the experience and expertise to tell you from the beginning if your plans and requirements match the budget that you’ve outlined. If your budget doesn’t quite match the vision that you have in mind for your new practice, your fit out team will be able to advise you on adaptations you can make or even a strategic construction schedule, undertaking the works in stages, that will help you to spread out the cost, over an affordable period of time.

Hire Someone with Insider Knowledge

It’s crucial that whomever you hire to complete your dental or medical fit out has a very in-depth understanding of the industry. Experienced fit out professionals will know what the going rate is for various services, supplies, and equipment so they can help make sure you get the best deal possible while ensuring you don’t sacrifice on quality. What’s more, someone with connections might get you a better deal than would be offered to a customer walking in off the street.

Know How to Prioritise

Unfortunately, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be able to achieve every single aspect of your dream practice, not right away at least. This is where you have to be prepared to think logically about what is necessary from opening day and what can be earmarked for the future. A highly qualified fit out team who understands the medical and dental industry will be able to design and plan your fit out to allow for growth and expansion of services later down the track.

A Staggered Fit Out

This is a great example of how we earlier referred to creating a strategic construction schedule. Your fit out professionals should be happy to work around your timeline and your needs when it comes to planning your dental or medical fit out. Staggering your fit out means that you can spread the cost out by completing construction in various stages. This can help ensure that there’s minimal or even no disruption to the running of your practice. For more info on how you can run your business while completing a fit out, click here.

Opt for Fit Out Specialists who Offer a Comprehensive Service

Rather than having a contract with a design team and another contract with a construction company and a third contract with interior designers, opt for a company who offer completely holistic services. This way, costs are much easier to keep track of, and each stage of the fit-out can work hand in hand with the other to ensure that no unnecessary spending occurs.

Communication is Key

Always choose a fit out team who will operate transparently and offer frequent communication. This means that you can stay well updated with each stage of the process to ensure that there aren’t any unexpected bills or hidden fees.

At Dentifit, we always deliver on time and within budget, without exception. We pride ourselves on the open and honest communication that we provide to our customers, and we always work with our clients to ensure that we meet their financial needs. Have a look at some of our recent projects and see our results for yourself. If you have any questions about creating your dream practice, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today!