How To Create Award Winning Medical Fitouts Within Budget

How To Create Award Winning Medical Fitouts Within Budget
February 18, 2019 Dentifit

When your patients step through the doors of your dental clinic or medical practice, you want them to feel relaxed and comfortable.

This is one of the most important features of an award-winning medical fitout! Yes, colour schemes, comfortable and ergonomic furniture and signage all matter. But all of these elements combining and resulting in a calming atmosphere is what really takes the cake!

So how can you achieve this without experiencing a massive budget blowout while also sticking to your creative vision? Accomplishing an award-winning medical or dental fitout, especially in cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, can be challenging! There are tenancy agreements to draw up, building approvals to lodge and floor plans to consider. All of these processes can be affected by the location of your premises, and the restrictions outlined by centre management, your landlord or local council. The entire process can become a bit of a headache for someone with no experience in the medical fitout arena. In short, it can result in a bit of a situation that negatively impacts your budget. However, there is a way to attain your dream award-winning medical or dental fitout within budget and without the setbacks by hiring a team of fitout specialists.

Dentifit: your practice’s fitout fairy godmothers!

Contrary to popular belief, real-life fairy godmothers do not simply wave their wands and transform something a bit shabby into something sleek, stylish and practical. A lot of hard work, experience and research goes into making your dreams come true. Dentifit have been fairy godmothers to an extensive range of clients, including dentists, doctors, vets, QLD government sectors and office managers. We’re dedicated to assisting you with designing and building an award-winning medical fitout while adhering to your budget and vision. As you can imagine, much of our job involves taking a lot of stress off your shoulders. This way, you can focus on things such as staffing, solidifying your services list, gaining new patients and marketing. We tackle the complicated stuff like building approvals, cost estimates, construction timelines, council restrictions and project staging. These are the elements of your fitout process that can be significantly sped up with the help of a medical fitout specialist.

How Dentifit ensures you remain within budget.

So what are a few of the ways that we can help you to stay within your budget?

Experience that can speed up approvals.

We know our way around building codes and have plenty of experience following compliance. Furthermore, we understand all of that construction jargon and can relay it to you without the mumbo jumbo, so that you don’t need to spend hours cracking the code. Dentifit can fill out your paperwork and lodge it with the appropriate parties in a jiffy, fast-tracking the process and keeping your best interests at the forefront, always.

Recognising and allowing for ‘hidden costs.’

There are a few sneaky costs that often crop up in a fitout design and construction job. These may include following fire safety regulations by installing smoke alarms and sprinklers or considering core holes for the drainage of medical equipment. Things that you may not have considered. Dentifit goes looking for these hidden costs so that we can plan for them within your budget, thereby avoiding nasty surprises along the way.

Prioritising the most important aspects.

Having an unbiased third party at your disposal for advice during the design and construction stages of your medical or dental fitout is invaluable. When you’re creating a space that reflects your entire profession, it can become easy to get stuck on the niggly details. Dentifit can assist you to look at the bigger picture, and prioritise certain elements over others if you are at risk of blowing your budget. Do you really need those fancy doorknobs or can you sacrifice them for something a little more practical, and spend the money on new equipment or more comfortable patient seating instead? Here at Dentifit, we’re often our clients’ voice of reason, which, we know can be a real bummer at times, but always ensures that there aren’t any budget disasters!

How Dentifit makes your medical fitout an award-winner.

So, how do we guarantee that your patients will walk through your practice’s front doors and instantaneously know that they have made the right decision by booking an appointment with you? Because we know what patients want, and we have experience creating successful dental clinic and medical practice fitouts. Our interior designers know how to take your company colours and incorporate them into a nurturing and stylish waiting room. Our team consider everything from the material of your chairs to the vibrancy of your overhead lighting. Dentifit balance aesthetics with practicality, and unlike an everyday building contractor, we know how to design and construct a space specific to the needs of doctors, dentists and patients.

Do you wish to attain an award-winning medical fitout in Melbourne? Or perhaps redesign an old and worn dental clinic in Brisbane? Dentifit operates to assist doctors and dentists in achieving their dream fitout. Contact us today for a consultation.