How to Incorporate Tech into your fit-out

How to Incorporate Tech into your fit-out
January 9, 2020 Dentifit

Incorporating technology into the design of your clinic can help you to improve your efficiency, functionality and customer experience.

Knowing where and how to implement technology into your clinic fit-out is an important factor in design, especially during our modern, ever-changing times. An overwhelming amount of tech in your space may take away from the personal touch so we encourage you to implement it in subtle but effective ways. At Dentifit, we think that these tech tools would work great in your new fit-out!

Self Service Check-In

Self-service check-in can help to streamline the jobs of your reception staff. Including a tablet check-in option is not just positive for efficiency but can also be a relief to clients who are hard of hearing or who may be feeling anxious and want to avoid human interaction. We do not recommend having a fully automated check-in however as it may take away the personal touch of your clinic. Many older clients may not know how to use a digital system and those with visual or reading difficulties may also be unable to use such a system. We think having one tablet check-in is substantial enough to reap the benefits of this technology in your clinic.

Online Booking

book online

Using an online booking platform is a great way to streamline the jobs of your admin staff as well as making things more convenient for your client. A simple software installation process can mean new client bookings 24 hours a day! No longer will clients be restricted to the hours of your admin staff to book their next appointment. Many online booking systems will have a back end for the business to utilise, where your staff will be able to enter the details of clients who still prefer to book over the phone. To organise appointments faster and more effectively than ever before, we recommend Get Timely as it is customisable and easy to use!

Digital Consultations

If your practice provides appointments that do not require any physical contact with your client, digital consultations may provide accessibility to a stream of clients that you are not currently reaching. Services that require a consultation before any physical interaction/intervention could also implement a digital consultation service, saving your clients the extra trip to your office! Offering digital consultations does require abiding by a set of guidelines, so it is important to familiarise yourself with these requirements before implementing the service.

Bringing your clinic into a new era is a transformation that we love to be a part of at Dentifit. If you are looking to establish or update your clinic’s fitout our team of experts are ready to help! Contact us today!