Here's how to maximise your patients' service experience in your practice

Here’s how to maximise your patients’ service experience in your practice
July 31, 2019 Dentifit

Whenever you start a medical practice, whether it’s dental or any other form of medical health care, it’s rewarding and exciting. Dentifit has helped many practitioners make their dreams a reality with our innovative practice transformations. However, we know that more often than not, practitioners could be doing a lot more when it comes to maximising the service experience for their patients.

The secret to delivering the ultimate patient-centric experience in your practice is actually simpler than you might think. Clinicians need to be the best versions of themselves, and this must be reflected throughout their practice. This is achieved by keeping various business aspects under control through operating a financially optimised practice and investing in the right technology and practice design. In the medical industry, this is referred to as “practice fitness”. So what are the specifics?

Finding the right practice manager

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It’s no surprise that starting a practice is going to take a lot of time, effort and money. It’s hard work. There are no shortcuts to getting things up and running, but a practice is only as effective as its manager. The practice manager is the core of your practice, and ensuring you have the right person for the job is going to take a lot of the stress off your shoulders. They’ll be multidisciplinary and effective at covering many facets of the business, namely marketing, finance and most importantly, managing patients and patient expectations. Your patients are the reason your doors stay open, so ensuring that their experience is second to none should always be your number one priority.

Choosing your location wisely

Location matters. A lot. Medical practices can either make it or fail depending on their location, no matter how excellent the service is. Your customers want easy access. That means that regardless of whether they’re driving, walking or catching public transport to your location, they want to be able to find and access it without any hassle. Meeting this simple patient need will increase the likelihood that patients will return time and time again and recommend your practice to their friends.

Invest in the right tech to empower your team

medical practice | dental practice | patient service experience | dentifit | practice fitout and refurbishment

Choosing the right digital practice management platform is going to largely determine the success of your practice. Practitioners should be focused on the programs and technology that streamlines administrative processes and enables tasks to be performed more efficiently. Some of the key advantages of operating with the ideal management software for your practice are:

    • The mobility that provides information to you and your staff when you need it
    • Patient engagement technology that is essential for maximising the patient service experience, such as portals and automated check-in mechanisms
    • Integrations designed to help streamline any practice fitness work, such as accounting application integrations, payment gateways and easy claiming methods for patient rebates.

Focus on patient experience

As the population grows, so does the healthcare industry. Patient experience is the number one competitive advantage that your practice can offer, and it costs nothing. Putting patient experience at the heart of your practice strategy will see your practice succeed in the long run. For instance, having a patient portal is one way to make managing appointments, health records and files about clients infinitely easier and more efficient. All of this plays a part in ensuring you deliver a seamless and positive service experience to your patients every time, all the time.

As a leading and innovative shop fit out & construction business that specialises in dental, medical and commercial premises, Dentifit knows how important practice design is in creating the ultimate patient service experience. Founded from a market need for a superior medical practice fit-out company, we’re the experts you want to call for your practice refurbishment or fitout. Contact us for a quote today!