How will a New Fit Out Affect my Practice?

How will a New Fit Out Affect my Practice?
March 24, 2020 Dentifit

We encounter a lot of healthcare professionals who have questions about how a fit out could affect their practice, both positively and negatively. In our experience, any negative implications turn out to be much more minor than the majority of our clients initially realise and are always outweighed by the long term benefits. Below we’ve discussed the various effects which you should and shouldn’t expect when it comes to getting a new fit out:

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Disruption to Service

We often hear medical practitioners say they’re putting off a new fit out because they’re worried about the level of disruption that it may have to their business. In actual fact, it’s often very possible for the Dentifit team to complete a fit out without you ever having to close your practice. We can make the necessary adaptations that will allow your business to continue functioning, for example, we recently completed a fit out for a client in the city and were able to build them a temporary reception which they used for 8 weeks during the refurbishment. We can also relocate your steri room and work in different sections of your practice at different times so that the entire practice isn’t out of action at one time.

Noise Pollution

When it comes to disruption and noise pollution, we are more than happy to offer our clients as much flexibility as possible. Often, this means that we schedule any noisy work or machinery for evenings or weekends so that patients and staff don’t become irritated.

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Increase in Patients

A new fit out is pretty much guaranteed to increase your number of patients and appointments, therefore boosting your overall business. We recently completed a particularly impressive and transformative refurbishment for Narangba Valley Dental Practice, they received such positive feedback and saw such a major increase in patient numbers that they have now contacted us about completing a fit out for their second practice.

Expansion of Services

Often a new fit out allows our clients to offer a new or more specialised service. As part of the refurbishment, we can modify a specific room or area so that it’s optimised for a specific treatment. For example, with a recent fit out we completed, we were able to modify a treatment room in order to accommodate an OPG machine which took panoramic oral x-rays. This meant that our client didn’t have to outsource this kind of work and they were able to treat their patients more quickly and effectively.

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When it comes to deciding on whether or not to have a fit out, budget is always the main priority. As we previously mentioned, we are always happy to work with our clients when it comes to working around their budget. Often, we have clients who complete their refurbishment in stages, limiting the downtime to flexible periods that your practice can manage. We can also work over the weekend and our clients can limit closure periods to also limit the loss of revenue, as well as spreading out the cost of the actual fit out into instalments.

At Dentifit, 15 years of experience in the medical fit out industry has allowed us to develop a wealth of expertise in the area. We have identified trends over the years when it comes to the impact that a fit out has on medical practices, and the effects are always overwhelmingly positive. To learn more about our fit out services or recent projects, get in touch with us today!