Lighting for a Clinic - Artificial Sources and Placement

Lighting for a Clinic – Artificial Sources and Placement
January 3, 2021 Dentifit

The lighting you choose for your clinic impacts your staff members’ productivity and the comfort of your patients. There are many considerations when designing your clinic fitout, especially when selecting your lights. Read on to discover how to choose the right lighting for your clinic. 

Tone and Placement


Put Patients at Ease 

It’s common for patients visiting their dental, medical or veterinary clinic to feel vulnerable. When they choose your clinic, they put their trust in you to give them quality care. When it comes to establishing and maintaining trust from your patients, your clinic lighting plays a significant role. 


Waiting Room

To ensure your patients at ease from the get-go, your waiting room needs to appear inviting and welcoming. Harsh, hospital-grade lighting is not necessary here. Opt for warm, inviting tones instead. It’s essential to make this a calming space – considering your patients could be waiting here for a while. Feature pendant lighting also adds warmth and focal points of interest. There is also the option for waiting room lighting and signage to remain lit after hours. Not only does it promote your business from street view, but provides visual security too.

Patient Room

The space where you are treating your patients must also be welcoming. But, that does not necessarily mean the lighting needs to be the same as your waiting room. Having a well-lit clinical area is paramount for where medical professionals treat their patients. The tone opted for in these rooms can be either warm or cool, as long as the room is adequately lit. Direct treatment lighting is also essential and can include, quality surgical lamps that can be portable or fixed and offer excellent lighting.


Artificial Sources 

When it comes to selecting lights today, LED is a highly practical choice. As well as offering energy efficiency, LED tones span from ultra warm whites to cool whites. These light fixtures also have options where the brightness and colour can be changed with the turn of a dial, or even controlled via a mobile phone/remote. This allows you to experiment with what’s right for your clinic. 

Plus, LED light technology nowadays is longer lasting therefore more cost-effective.

Psychological and practical considerations play a vital role in choosing the right lighting for your clinic. Dentifit’s expert design team are well versed in the requirements for dental, medical, and veterinary practices. We create dynamic spaces that are both inviting and highly functional. If you would like to get started on your clinic fit out, contact us today.