Melbourne Dentists: Are You Ready to Start Your Own Dental Clinic?

Melbourne Dentists: Are You Ready to Start Your Own Dental Clinic?
October 5, 2018 Dentifit

Starting your own dental clinic in Melbourne can be an extensive undertaking. However, the feeling when you receive your first phone call to book in a new client is worth the blood, sweat and tears it takes to set up a practice with your name on it.

But where are you going to put that phone on your premises? Who’s going to build the receptionist’s desk? And for that matter, organise the whole fit out? Many new practices settle for whatever local Melbourne builder will give them the cheapest quote. But when you think about it, you’ll be working at this site for hopefully decades to come. So you want to ensure that it’s built to house the specific equipment you require. You need a contractor who understands how dental practices work; how much space is needed and where power outlets should go for the most efficient set up of autoclaves, thermal disinfectors, OPG systems and microscopes. But how do you find a builder with such specific knowledge? Well, that’s where Dentifit comes in.

Melbourne Dentists: Are You Ready to Start Your Own Dental Clinic?

Design the perfect dental clinic with industry-specific builders

Dentifit have over ten years of experience designing and constructing brand new dental clinics in Australia. From the initial planning stages to handing over the keys and continued maintenance and repair work, we’re with you every step of the way on your journey to opening your new clinic in Melbourne. Our knowledge and expertise have assisted countless dental practices to get up and running, giving dentists branching out on their own a competitive edge with a sleekly designed space that promotes a positive patient experience.

Here’s what you can expect from a collaboration with Dentifit.

Acquire realistic cost estimates

Your relationship with Dentifit starts with an initial meeting, either onsite at your new premises, or within the Dentifit showroom. Here we will discuss your ideas and make plans based on your requirements. An inspection of your premises will involve a lot of measuring and an assessment of the site’s possibilities and limitations regarding construction. Dentifit uses these measurements and plans to come up with an initial sketch design and floor plan for your approval. Once design decisions have been confirmed, we obtain quotes from our trusted contractors (who all have experience constructing dental fit-outs).

The time we spend planning during the inspection and design processes, combined with the fact that we have a hand-picked team of specialists at our disposal, means that we can provide you with realistic cost estimates so that you can budget accordingly. This level of accuracy when obtaining quotes is beneficial for many new dental practices as it makes for a more prepared presentation when approaching the bank for a loan.

Melbourne Dentists: Are You Ready to Start Your Own Dental Clinic?

Navigate building codes and regulations with ease

When all plans have been ticked off and finalised, Dentifit will begin the process of applying for building approvals on your behalf. Going through this process on your own can be stressful and time-consuming. We understand that you need to focus on other elements of getting your business off the ground, such as developing your brand, marketing your services and hiring staff. Dentifit take care of all the red tape so that you don’t have to try and fit this on your plate as well.

Experience a communicative and supportive construction team

Once all of the relevant approvals have been processed, and a Master Builders construction contract has been signed, Dentifit will commence building on your site. We understand that open communication is essential during this phase, so we provide constant updates on the progress of your practice. Dentifit’s site supervisors will organise all contractors and consultants, and are happy for you to attend site meetings to see how your new clinic is shaping up!

Melbourne Dentists: Are You Ready to Start Your Own Dental Clinic?

Anticipate the phone ringing off the hook!

When construction is finished, it’s time to hand over the keys and pop the champagne because your dental practice is officially ready for business! With a modern and sophisticated waiting room and procedure rooms designed specifically to fit the equipment that you requested, patients will be flocking to your door! Who knows, maybe news of your efficient new dental clinic will spread to Melbourne’s outlying suburbs of Frankston, Werribee and Epping too.

Enjoy continued support from the same friendly faces

Here at Dentifit, we don’t just hand over the keys and disappear. We offer our clients continued support including repairs and maintenance work. Many dentists feel secure knowing that whenever they need additional jobs carried out at their clinic, they can call upon the same team that helped them bring their clinic to fruition from the beginning.

Ready to start your exciting new business endeavour with Dentifit? Contact us today to arrange a site inspection of your Melbourne dental clinic premises!