Melbourne Interior Design Trends For 2019

Melbourne Interior Design Trends For 2019
October 11, 2018 Dentifit

2018 is flying by and coming close to an end. Where has the time gone? With this fast-paced world of design, staying up-to-date can be tiring and overwhelming for some. To save you the fuss, we have been spending a hefty amount of hours watching the trends and discovering what will be the next big thing in design. Businesses are increasingly choosing to revamp their workspace with the latest design trends. With reflection on new technologies and society’s new priorities, we have predicted the trends of 2019 and what you can bring into your own office space.

Melbourne Interior Design Trends For 2019

Sustainable Living

With the rise of eco-friendly living, there has been a significant shift towards sustainable interior design, with designers now focused on being considerate of the environment. In an era of disposable decor, designers are now creating interiors for the long haul. Alternative materials like recycled fabrics, vegan leather and worm-free silk are gaining popularity. People are starting to question where and by whom interior materials are made, leaning towards ethical products. We can expect that this movement to keep growing, and you will see more sustainable office spaces in early 2019.

Clean and Minimalist

Less is more! Coming into the new season, you can certainly expect to still see clean and minimalist interiors in both offices and homes. In 2019, it’s all about owning less and living in a simplified comfort zone that creates a sense of peace. Similar to Scandinavian design, a minimalist aesthetic focuses on simplicity in design, clean lines and compositions, natural lighting, neutral colours and natural flooring.

It’s time to put those kitchen appliances in the cupboard, hide away the desk clutter and put away the extension cords. Simple furniture, basic colours and crisp lines can create a clean space that can have a therapeutic effect on your eyes, brain, and soul. Say “hello” to clear space, clear mind and ultimate productivity!

Melbourne Interior Design Trends For 2019

Sanctuary Bathrooms

An office can sometimes become overwhelming for some. With stressful workloads, your employees need an escape place. Most of the time this is the bathroom. Create a bathroom sanctuary space with an atmosphere of contentment where one can find much-needed clarity. Fill a clean space with soft fabrics, seating, cushions and throws and bring focus to the mood by installing dimmer light switches and an air humidifier with essential oils.

Simple Bold Tones

You can expect to see bold hi-contrast colours coming into your Instagram feeds real soon, but the black, white and grey tones are going nowhere! Rolling over to 2019, the shift towards black interiors is here to stay. Matte black is becoming popular amongst furniture and a lot of different homewares. With black decor, you are less likely to want to change everything in 12-months time. If you want to revamp your workplace, compliment your interiors with colours of gold and warm neutrals.

With a focus on camel, burgundy and gold colours, Pantone recently released their PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2019 planner, covering seven specific colour palettes for all things interior design. Full of interior inspiration, Pantone has put together colours that will engage one’s imagination, appeal to their emotions, and will capture a consumer’s eyes and convince them to make a purchase. Plus for you, self assured neutral tones can be enriching, giving one a sense of simplicity and calmness.

Melbourne Interior Design Trends For 2019


Think back to grandma’s old house with her floral walls. Well, the wallpaper trend is back. We’re not saying fill your interiors with floral wallpaper, but it’s time spice up the walls with simple and textured wallpapers. Bold colours and styles are on-trend coming into 2019. Different patterns and textures will bring your indoor space to life by making a statement and a fresh dimensional update. Wallpaper is also great because you can redecorate without breaking the bank and your options are close to endless.

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