Must Know Dental Industry Trends in 2018

Must Know Dental Industry Trends in 2018
July 21, 2018 Dentifit

The dental industry is dynamic and ever-changing. Technology is continually advancing, and there are high expectations in regards to patient experience.
If your practice intends to stay ahead of its competitors, it’s vital that you are aware of industry trends. We have seen a few prominent trends emerging in 2018, as the dental industry is affected by global issues. These include the backlash of Facebook’s data fiasco and the development of new technology with the ability to provide a more comfortable patient experience. Here are the most important trends to keep your eye on in 2018, to ensure that your dental practice stays ahead of the game.

Convenient payment options

One of the primary services patients are looking for when choosing a dental practice is the convenience of payment. They don’t want to have to go home after their visit and lodge a claim with their private health provider over the internet, and then wait several days for a refund. It takes time and is a hassle that they can live without. This is why patients are increasingly gravitating towards practice’s that offer on the spot claims, where they simply have to pay the difference to cover their visit. HICAPS is the predominant service used in Australia for the immediate lodgement of claims. It supports 44 private health providers, including Medicare. If you want to achieve enhanced customer satisfaction, providing on the spot claims is essential for the growth of your dental practice in 2018.

An increased emphasis on Google Reviews

We’d be astonished if you weren’t aware of the data scandal that Facebook has been battling for the majority of 2018. Many users have chosen to delete their accounts in an attempt to maintain privacy and prevent their personal data from being leaked further. This has had a rather negative impact on business marketing strategies, however, as Facebook is often one of the number one ways to digitally market dental practices. People are now levitating towards other websites to find out about dental practices within their area, including Google. Considerable emphasis is now being placed on Google reviews since Facebook has fallen out of favour, so it’s critical that your practice has a decent rating on this platform. Nurturing a positive patient experience to encourage favourable customer testimonials is more important than ever. Keeping a close eye on your practice’s ratings on Google will assist you to mediate negative feedback and maintain a successful online presence. Remember, you’re more likely to land new patients if they can see how happy your current customers are!

Interior design that enhances the patient experience

As you can probably deduce from the two previous trends, patient experience is very much at the forefront of dental industry trends for 2018. The good news is that there are so many ways that you can enhance your patient’s experience! One of the chief methods in 2018, however, is by providing a comfortable, inviting space that will immediately put your customers at ease from the moment that they walk through the door. We’re talking about the look and feel of your practice. Gone are the days of stuffy, traditional surgeries that look outdated and feel intimidating. Patients don’t want to sit in a waiting room with peeling paint and magazines from two years ago. It reflects negatively on the skills and methods of the dentists in your practice, even if they can carry out award-winning, cutting-edge treatments. If patients can’t get past the waiting room, they’ll never know the services that you’re capable of providing. So it’s time for a new lick of paint and an innovative approach to entertainment in the waiting room. You want your practice to look fresh and inviting, and instil confidence in your patients.

Dentifit are specialists in dental practice fit-outs and interior design. Our team know how to inject life into your new or old dental practice so that patients will feel welcome and relaxed. Contact us today to create a dental practice that will put you ahead of your competitors.