Our Top Tips for Floor Maintenance

Our Top Tips for Floor Maintenance
October 21, 2019 Dentifit

Whenever we talk about floor care, we talk about cleaning regimes and following recommended manufacturers requirements. As we install products to Australian standards & in line with manufacturers recommended cleaning systems, it is imperative to adhere to these requirements.

Modern day cleaning aims to reduce wet cleaning and replace with a dry cleaning regime. Most vinyl floor surface have their own highly durable PUR (polyurethane) surface finish which protects the surface so that no polishing is required and the slip resistance is maintained over the life cycle of the vinyl.


For a daily clean – a dry or damp microfibre mop should be used to remove dirt & dust. Wipe any spills with a neutral floor cleaner with a low Ph level and a damp mop for best results. For heavy stains use a white spirit or alcohol or low alkalinity detergent and a microfibre towel or mop. A non bristle vacuum can be used.

For a periodical clean – a machine clean with scrubber works best. Dry the machine with a medium brush (red pad). If a wet clean is required use a neutral floor cleaner to compliment the mechanical clean. Always confirm with your floor cleaning contractor they are using the correct products for your flooring surfaces as recommended by each individual manufacturer

Prevention is always better than a cure. Use an entrance mat to remove dirt being tracked from the outside in. Most dirt and dust (80%) is tracked in and 90% of that can be reduced by utilising mats at entrances.
Note: Less dirt tracked in means lower maintenance is required, and a longer life cycle of the vinyl floors.

General Advice

  • Do not polish floors as this will remove the PUR coating and remove the slip resistance rating for OH & S purposes
  • Do not use acidic, high alkaline products, degreasers, solvents, ceramic tile cleaners and chemical based cleaning products
  • Clean spills immediately as these may damage the floor surface
  • Be wary of black rubber wheels and feet on chairs as they may discolour vinyl surfaces
  • All chairs must have protected feet
  • Lighter coloured vinyl will require more cleaning
  • Always ask for cleaning & maintenance instructions from your contractor

If you ever have doubts or require clarification speak to your flooring contractor.