Running your Practice While Completing a Fit Out

Running your Practice While Completing a Fit Out
July 21, 2020 Dentifit

Having your medical clinic or dental practice renovated is an excellent way to boost the revenue and growth of your business. Despite these benefits, practice owners can be hesitant about the potential disruption that could be caused when it comes to their income and patients. However, in our experience, there’s always a way to ensure that your clinic or practice can continue to operate with little to no interference to the everyday workings of your business. Below, we’ve given some insight into the various ways that we’ve helped countless practices to run smoothly while we complete their fit out:

Create Temporary Setups

Your team of fit out professionals should be able to help you establish new setups within your practice or clinic while construction is taking place. In the past, Dentifit has created temporary reception and waiting areas to help ensure patients wouldn’t be disturbed and that the flow of appointments wouldn’t be interrupted. We have also relocated the steri room for clients to ensure that their services could continue to operate effectively and at full capacity. When looking for fit out services, it’s important to find a team who are capable of coming up with these creative solutions and are willing to facilitate your business and patient needs.

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Renovate Sections at a Time

Rather than shut your practice down for a period of time, it’s often possible to simply work on separate sections at a time. For example, if you have a 3-chair dental practice, you can renovate and still have the availability of at least one dental chair and use of the steri at any one time. This means that you can still provide the minimal impact for your regular number of appointments which will drastically reduce any loss of income during the fit out period.

Refurbish in Stages

The right team of medical fit out specialists will know how to create a fit out schedule which allows for your renovation to happen in stages. This often means completing the first stage of your refurbishment over a few days/weeks, then waiting to complete stage two a few months later. Then, perhaps if a third stage is necessary, that would take place a further few months down the line. This helps to ensure that your practice will never be closed for an extended period of time meaning much less disruption. Recently, at Dentifit, our team completed stage 2 for Ashgrove Avenues Family dental, which took place about six months after stage 1.

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Plan Strategically

Often the key to running your practice while completing a fit out is timing. There are various strategic measures you can put in place to help your timetable. Scheduling your fit out to take place over holiday periods, public holidays or times when you would usually be shut will help to reduce closure days and the rate of appointment unavailability. If there are no holidays coming up, you can also arrange for your fit out to take place during weekends and evenings to minimise disturbance or the fit out time frame. If neither of these options work for you, you can also consider the possibility of opening for half days during your fit out. At Dentifit, we are always happy to work around the schedule of our clients and help them to maintain their business and workflow as much as possible.

At Dentifit, we offer comprehensive services from our initial consultation through to your opening day and aftercare or maintenance that you might require. We are always happy to work within the parameters and timeframe laid out to us by clients and complete the fit out on time, every time. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today!