Some Rules Must Be Broken: 6 Interior Design Tips To Break

Some Rules Must Be Broken: 6 Interior Design Tips To Break
June 13, 2021 Dentifit

Gone are the days of sterile clinic designs. In 2021, dental, medical and veterinary clinics have evolved into dynamic, modern and impressive spaces with endless interior design opportunities. Nowadays, the design standard for clinic fitouts is high. Customers are now accustomed to entering dental or medical clinics that resemble a spa – not a white-washed, cold, clinical interior. This shift has come from medical professionals’ desire to see more clients feel calm, welcomed and relaxed when they enter their clinic. 

Ensuring our clients feel comfortable when entering our clinic is a pretty important rule of thumb to stick to. But that doesn’t mean we need to adhere to every single interior design rule that’s been written. As the saying goes, rules are meant to be broken. So, here are the top 6 interior design rules to break. 

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“Stick to white paint”

White paint – bright, clean, safe, clinical… overdone. White paint has undoubtedly been the go-to for decades when it comes to clinic fitouts. Sure, it evokes a fresh, clean feeling that can instill trust from patients in your clinic. But relying too much on white paint can quickly lead to a clinic design that feels clinical, sterile and unwelcoming. Instead, opt to add colour to your clinic. This is a sure-fire way to spark joy for your patients. A good starting point is to select two to three hues with underlying tones that compliment each other. This will help to create a sense of unity throughout your clinic. 

“Keep everything matching”

Another rule designers have grown tired of is the “match everything” rule. Regardless of the room function or size, it’s best to try to mix things up. Sure, matching everything can feel like the safe option, but it can lead to some fairly unimpressive and even boring interiors. Perhaps try to mix up metal colours in your bathrooms or the prints and textures used within your clinic. Also consider mixing up your furniture to add some character to your clinic

“Use light toned colours for small rooms”

“Dark colours make small rooms feel even smaller.” Who’s heard that one before? This is perhaps one of the most notorious rules interior designers feel pressured to follow, especially when it comes to clinic fitout designs. But in reality, this rule isn’t quite true. Interior designers are continuing to opt to use dark colours for small rooms, because they can blur the boundaries and corners of the room. Hence, dark colours can actually make a room feel larger than it truly is. Dark colours can create an illusion of depth, disguising the small size of a room. Plus, dark colours can create the ultimate backdrop to add in colour, patterns and textures with furniture, paintings, rugs and other decor. 

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“Only choose plain, minimalist frames for your art”

Black frames, white frames and metal frames. What do they have in common? Well, while they are all a safe, easy frame option, they also fail to inspire much creativity within your dental clinic design. If you are selecting interesting art for your clinic, don’t let your creativity stop there. Why not choose a frame that’s just as eye-catching? Perhaps try pairing a modern print with a traditional frame. Or maybe choose frames that bring a pop of colour to your walls. The choice is yours!

“Go for plain, neutral rug styles”

Rugs are the magic element of a space that can bring a room together beautifully. But, that hardly means we should just go for the plain rug styles with simple patterns. In fact, we should try to get a bit creative with our rug choice when designing our clinic interior. Rugs are an easy way to add a unique aesthetic to our clinic design. They can bring about endless possibilities to your clinic design. The unique colours, materials, sizes, shapes and fabrics are just a few reasons why rugs add an undeniable liveliness to clinic designs. With rugs, your walls and your floor can be used as statement art pieces. 

“Skip faux plants for outside”

Faux plants are usually budget friendly, incredibly easy to maintain, look beautiful, and should never, ever be used outside. Well, that last rule has definitely evolved in the interior design space. Now, installing faux plants outside has been recognised as a beautiful, low maintenance way to compliment your natural outdoor greenery. It’s a great interior design tip if you want to add fullness to your outdoor clinic space (such as your entry) on a budget.

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Make up your own rules

Your clinic design should have your patients feeling happy, calm and content to be in your space. But that hardly means you need to be following every interior design trend in the book! Instead, try to embrace creativity to create a clinic fitout design that you and your patients will love. 

At Dentifit, we employ experienced interior designers with dental, medical and veterinary specific knowledge. We create clinic and office designs that are dynamic, inviting and beautifully unique. If you’d like to learn more about our fitout services, be sure to get in touch with our friendly team today.