What is the Best Colour Palette for my Clinic?

What is the Best Colour Palette for my Clinic?
April 20, 2020 Dentifit

When it comes to designing your clinic or completing a fit out, colour plays a very important role and selecting a colour palette is something that requires great consideration. Colour psychology has proven that different shades and hues have the ability to dictate our moods, from summonsing a sense of impulsivity to calming us down to making us feel anxious, there’s a huge range of emotions associated with different colours. With this knowledge, you can make colour selections that will really help to influence your patients in a way that makes them feel more positive and at ease. Below we discuss the best options for different kinds of practices:

Dental Practice or Orthodontic Clinic

When selecting a colour scheme for your practice, one of the most crucial factors to consider is that most patients attending a dental appointment will have some level of anxiety. Whether it be mild trepidation or very severe anxiety, people generally don’t have warm and peaceful feelings associated with going to see their orthodontist or dentist. The good news is that your colour palette selection can genuinely change this and help to put your patients at ease.

Avoid bold colours, especially red, as they are known to stimulate our brains which is what you want to avoid when a patient’s mind may already be overactive or overwhelmed.

Instead opt for muted neutral colours like greys and creams with accents of light soothing green or blue, both of which are scientifically proven to calm our thoughts as humans. We also recommend that you avoid including too much stark white in your colour palette as it will create too much of a clinical feel.

Medical Clinic

When selecting the decor for your medical clinic or a physician’s office, you want to evoke a sense of confidence and trust in your patients as this is essential for effective diagnosis and treatment.

Colour theory dictates that white interspersed with your preferred mixture of blue, green, yellow and purple are all good options for when it comes to promoting trust in a doctor’s office setting. Below, we have explained why:

  • Blue: humans associate blue with clear skies and rejuvenating water which is synonymous with harmonious feelings.
  • Green: we associate green with nature, growth and healing
  • Yellow: yellow is associated with light and sun which is proven to boost our mood
  • Purple: Purple projects your faith in your own abilities, which is why it’s associated with royalty. However, since purple can be a very intense colour it’s better to opt for lighter hues like lavender.

Veterinary Clinic

A lot of studies have shown that blue is a very calming colour for most animals as it actively reduces their blood pressure. It’s a cool hue that’s soothing for animals and almost acts as a mild sedative, which is very helpful considering the fact that a lot of animals become distressed when attending a veterinary appointment. What’s more, blue is one of the only colours that dogs can see so if you have a lot of dogs attending your clinic, including blue in your colour palette will help them to feel less alienated.

Besides blue, you should opt for earthy tones like warm browns, greys and oranges, as most animals enjoy the feeling of being outdoors and in nature.

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