Which Interior Design Trends Of 2021 Are Going To Stay Popular?

Which Interior Design Trends Of 2021 Are Going To Stay Popular?
May 19, 2021 Dentifit

Plenty of new interior design trends have burst onto the scene this year. It’s safe to say the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020 impacted the types of interiors we wanted to create. For years, trends have nodded towards minimalism. In 2021, trends shifted. We saw more and more interiors being filled with items that reflect our passions. 

But of the numerous interior design trends that made their way into 2021, which ones are here to stay, and which are just a temporary fad? How should you be designing your clinic fitout as we continue into 2021? Read on to find out.

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Natural colours are here to stay

Natural, earthy tones have certainly taken off in 2021, and this trend does not show any sign of slowing down. Browns, beiges and classic vintage colours (like greens and pinks) will continue to appear in clinic, office and also home designs. 

Once a very popular design trend for dental and medical clinic fitouts, all white colour palettes are expected to date. The fade of this trend compliments the fade of the minimalist interior design trend. From now into 2022, designers will be sparking visual interest through colour, patterns and textures. 

Eco friendly, natural fabrics set to gain popularity over synthetics

Our shift to a more natural look goes beyond our colour choice. With sustainability well and truly on trend, we’re expected to continue to shift from using synthetic materials (like nylon, polyester and rayon) and move towards using more natural and recycled textiles. Fabrics like organic cotton, low impact linen and recycled polyester are expected to be used more and more frequently in the future. 

Moving away from mid-century modern

The mid-century modern design takes inspiration from the interiors of the 50s and 60s, and has been highly popular in recent times. But now, we’ve shifted away from the mid century modern design trend. Instead, we are looking to the 70s boho look, with an 80s interior steadily growing in popularity. 

For your clinic design, consider including curved lines, geometric patterns and prints or square tiles for your bathrooms, to mimic this popular style that’s here to stay.

Wallpaper: a convenient and on-trend solution

Do you remember when wallpaper went out of trend? Fortunately, it’s well and truly back. The creativity and flexibility that peel and stick wallpaper gives you when designing your clinic is hard to beat. Wallpaper allows for a dramatic room change, that’s easy to reverse and refresh when the next trend hits. You can get creative with your clinic design, knowing you can simply peel it off if you get tired of it.

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Cottagecore rising in popularity

With wallpaper here to stay, it’s only natural that the beloved cottagecore style has experienced a rise in popularity in 2021. This aesthetic embodies our recent shift to a slower pace of living, and our return to simple hobbies. Central to the cottagecore style is a country cottage look. Those looking to create the cottagecore style will utilise wallpapers, floral prints, natural fabrics, fresh flowers and whimsical objects.

Plaster walls could make a comeback

With textures staying on trend in 2021, this has seen a spark in interest for plaster walls. Before drywall was introduced, interior walls were usually created by layering plaster over laths (wooden strips). While drywall is quicker to install, plaster offers rich depth and texture. This look can be achieved by coating existing drywall with a thin layer of plaster. 

Next big trend: industrial styling may be the next big trend

The fuss free style that comes with the industrial design trend is expected to be the next big design trend. This design trend includes elements like high ceilings, exposed stonework, wood and metal elements and neutral colours. The blend of modern and traditional design the industrial styling offers makes it the perfect solution for offices and homes alike. 

At Dentifit, our team of interior designers are well versed in design trends – both current and emerging. We also are equipped with specific knowledge required to create clinic spaces that are incredibly stylish, but also functional. If you want to refresh your dental clinic, veterinary clinic, medical clinic or office space, you can trust Dentifit will complete the job beautifully, while limiting the impact on your clinic operations as much as possible during renovation. Be sure to get in touch with our friendly team of experts for more information on our clinic fitout solutions.